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Achilles Dip A dip in the heel lining of a shoe that cushions the achilles tendon.
Aerobic Shoe A shoe with cushioning and support specific to the high impact motions associated with aerobic activities, usually with a non-marking shoe.
Aglet The plastic covering the end of a shoelace which allows the lace to be easily threaded though an eyelet.
Airport Friendly A shoe that does not contain any metal and therefore will not effect airport metal detectors; can also be used to describe a shoe that slips on an off the foot easily for ease at airport security checkpoints.
All Terrain Sandal A shoe with a strap used to secure the shoe to the foot meant for outdoor use, with a rugged outsole; often treated to be water-resistant or waterproof.
Alligator Skin The hide of an alligator - a large reptile from China or the southeastern US with a broad head; usually featuring a pattern of multiple box shapes in various sizes.
Alum-Tanning A sterilization process applied to the insoles of shoes.
Ankle Boot A shoe covering the entire foot up the ankle, with or without a heel added for height; also known as a bootie or demi boot.
Ankle Strap A narrow, usually flat strip of a flexible material that secures or wraps around the ankle; may be used to secure the shoe to the foot or for decorative purposes.
Antiqued A finish that gives the appearance of age to an item; often used to refer to shoes made of leather.
Apron Toe A closed toe where a large piece of material overlaps at the front of the shoe at the toe, usually with visible stitching.
Arch The narrowest part of a shoe when viewed from the sole, located underneath the arch of the foot between the heel and the toes; also known as the waist, instep, or arch.
Athleisure Shoe A casual shoe with details or form inspired by athletic, usually men's shoes.
Athletic Shoe A shoe designed for wear while playing a specific sport, usually with cushioning and support specific to that activity.
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Alice Blue color Web color #F0F8FF; a moderate color in the spectrum between green and violet.
Alizarin Crimson color Web color #E32636; a red color.
Almond color One of 24 Crayola brand crayon colors created in 1998; a light brown color.
Amber color An orange yellow color; Web color #FFBF00.
Amethyst color A purple color; Web color #9966CC.
Antique Brass color One of 24 Crayola brand crayon colors created in 1998; a gold color with brown hues.
Apple color A bright color in the spectrum between yellow and blue; the color of Granny Smith apples.
Apricot color One of 48 Crayola brand crayon colors introduced between 1949 and 1957; a light orange color. Also a type of small fruit resembling a peach and plum.
Aqua color A blue color with light green hues; Web color #00FFFF.
Aquamarine color One of 16 Crayola brand crayon colors introduced between 1958 and 1971; a light blue color with green hues. Web color #7FFFD4.
Army Green color A light to moderate color lying in the spectrum between blue and yellow, with hues of brown or gray.
Asparagus color One of 16 Crayola brand crayon colors created in 1993 after being named in a contest for consumers; a green color. Web color #7BA05B.
Atomic Tangerine color One of 16 Crayola brand crayon colors introduced from 1972-1989; a bright orange color.
Avocado color A moderate green color with yellow hues; a type of fruit.
Azure color A blue color similar to the color of the clear sky; Web color #007FFF.
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